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Magnetic Foot Support Compression- Foot Care

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Magnetic Foot Support Compression- Foot Care

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Magnetic Foot Support Compression For Men Women Foot Care

Do you suffer from tired and fatigued feet in the middle of the day? Try our Pain relief foot compression socks socks that soothe and break those knots in your feet and keep you energized the rest of the day. They provide gentle compression that massages your feet while you move. Also promote blood circulation in your lower extremities to relieve pain/aches and reduce swelling. This compression sleeve’s breathable fabric is thin, comfortable and can be worn discreetly under socks all day or alone at night.

It can be worn barefoot or with your shoes and boots. Perfect for long-distance travel, or while you walk/run, golf or work out. Order now!

Material: Nylon
Model Number: -
 Women: Shoe Sizes 6 - 9.5 Men: Shoe Sizes 5 - 9.5
 Women: Shoe Sizes 10 - 13.5 Men: Shoe Sizes 10 - 12.5

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  • 1-3 week for US ,Canada,UK,Australia,France,Italy ,Japan,India , Sweden ,Denmark , UAE 
  • 2-6 week days for Other Countries

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